Friday, January 28, 2011

Youtube網站: 自閉症求生手冊

My name is Craig Thomson (weaveintothewin2) I made this video series on you tube called "The Autism Survival Manual"
I Have lived with autism for 25 years and i've learned some tips and tricks in dealing with the problems we face.
I share my tips and tricks on you tube in a free video series called "The Autism Survival Manual"
Hopefully the tips can help you or someone with autism and ASD's.
If you have autism or are a parent/carer of someone with autism then this video series is aimed at you :-)

我的名字是Craig Thomson (weaveintothewin2), 我製作了一系列的短片(名稱是"自閉症求生手冊"), 並發表在Youtube上.
我跟自閉症共同生活已經有二十五年了, 對於我們所要應付的困難, 也學到了一些小小的秘訣及技巧.
經由Youtube這個免費的平台, 我希望跟大家分享我的系列短片: 自閉症求生手冊.
希望能幫助到你, 或是其他有自閉症以及有泛自閉症癥候群的人.
假如你有自閉症, 或者你的孩子, 你照顧的某個人, 有自閉症, 那麼, 這一系列短片就是為你而拍攝的.


(譯註: Craig Thomson受診為亞氏伯格症)

(翻譯: 提恩如)

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