Wednesday, September 5, 2012


(討論自閉症與霸凌的文章, 文章的結尾這樣說...)

事實上, 雖然(社會大眾)經常宣稱有自閉症的個人缺乏同理心(empathy), 然而, 他們的困難通常跟無法瞭解別人心裡在想什麼有關, 這跟---當他們知道某個人身在苦痛中卻無動於衷漠不關心, 並不一樣.
於此同時, 在瞭解他人傷痛的這個能力上, 沒有自閉症的一般人, 並不應該有什麼缺失吧, 那麼, 我們的推託之辭, 是什麼呢?

Indeed, although autistic people are often claimed to
lack empathy, their problems usually relate to an inability to understand the minds of others— not an actual lack of care when they know someone is suffering.
Meanwhile, people without autism aren’t supposed to be impaired in understanding others’ pain, so what’s our excuse?

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